Hygolet delivery vans

For 45 years, we have been supporting our customers in the public and semi-public restroom hygiene sector. We strive to provide you with simplified services and practical solutions.

This anniversary is an occasion to look back and remember all the challenges and successes we have experienced together. We have gone through many changes over the years, but we have always remembered our strengths and focused on our goals.

We are happy to show you the exciting development of Hygolet in this little journey through time:

Our history

Hygolet was founded in 1978 in Switzerland and entered the world of public hygiene with the vision of developing the most hygienic and comfortable toilet experience. With this vision, we developed the world’s first self-cleaning and hygienic toilet seat that allows you to use the toilet without coming into contact with other people’s traces. Over the years, we have expanded our vision and now offer a wide range of practical products that ensure a high level of hygiene and a pleasant environment in public and semi-public toilets.

We are a family-run company and place great emphasis on reliability and product quality. Although we have a global customer base and supply chain, we are committed to our local communities. Many of our products, especially stainless steel products, are made in Switzerland. Our famous hygienic toilet seats are assembled with great dedication at our Swiss production site. After 45 years and several generations of products, the seats are still being perfected with love and Swiss know-how.

Hygolet worldwide

Although we founded our company in Switzerland, we soon opened a second headquarter in the United States. Due to dedicated teams in both locations, we are able to deliver our products efficiently and cost-effectively to distributors around the world. We have sales and service organizations in Switzerland, in the canton of Zurich, and in the United States, in South Florida. This allows us to be close to the market and to get fast and accurate feedback on our products, so we are very familiar with their life cycles.

General Manager’s Statement

A company’s character and success are determined first and foremost by its employees. Our employees are the heartbeat of Hygolet and shape our relationships with customers, high quality products and service, as well as our social engagements to help shape a better world. It is the exceptional commitment of our employees that allows us to be a leader in restroom Hygiene. As a team we strive to be the best possible partner for our customers and to provide them with the best solutions for their unique circumstances.

Alexander Stucki Hygolet CEO

We look forward to further cooperation with our customers and raise our glasses.

Cheers to 45 years of Hygolet!